What is Call Center Or Contact Center?

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A call center or contact center is centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of request using telephone.

They choose Philippines because it is the third largest English speaking country after U.S and U.K.

There are 300 companies here in our country that gives opportunities to aspiring applicants nationwide. Everyday hiring from different call center companies is ongoing. As proof to that, at least 400,000 agents are needed this year.

Sad to say, the standard qualification to become an agent is very high. The main factor is to have an excellent English communication skill.

There are a lot of aspiring applicants who tries luck, but qualified applicants can be counted only by fingers. It means that being a call center agent is not that easy.


The levels of the interviews and exam are very strict, especially the English communication. It is not just based on the degree of what you have studied, but it is how you speak English and used the words properly.

Applicants who are not qualified show some disappointment, but it is the reality that to become a call center agents you must learn and continue to speak excellent English.

The government has extended some effort to interested applicants who want to have a career in a call center. The TESDA Program PGMA scholarship offers free training and schooling to all qualified applicants.

The opportunity is open to all who are determined and focus to learn how to speak English.

It is not easy to speak English in an excellent way; the applicant must keep in mind that after passing a training program doesn’t mean they are already qualified.

It is just the first step if you want to build a career in a call center. It all depends on the applicant’s willingness and eagerness to achieve the goal to work in a call center.

The opportunities and income of a call center agent is higher compared to ordinary employees.

To become a certified call center agent you must have the heart to pursue your dream, as the call center agents advocacy says “I can do it, can speak English, and I’m great.”

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