Translating Filipino To English Is Big Business

Did you know that many people today are getting extra work by taking translating jobs online? It’s true! And you can do it too.

It’s something that our parent’s generation could have never imagined. This type of work surely will do great things for young people in the Philippines.

Many companies in the USA need translators now to translate simple documents online, such as emails, website content, movie subtitles and more.

Do you have to speak perfect English? No! Even basic knowledge of English is alright. This is really a job for anyone from the Philippines who wants to do it.


Companies like Real Translator Jobs are actively seeking translators from the Philippines to fill demand. There are more translation jobs than people to complete them.

We spoke to one student from Manila who has been doing this for 2 years now and is earning between $150 and $250 USD every day.

He completes about 3 to 4 jobs per day which takes him about 3 hours. It’s an incredible amount of money to earn on your spare time!

It is great that we now live in the “Information Age” and opportunities like this are available to people in the Philippines to earn extra money working from home over the Internet.

This leaves a big opportunity for anyone to start doing this and earn extra money.

David Tran

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