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Philippines is trying hard to give a tough competition to its other Asian counterparts in the global BPO market. The country is on its way to offer training to the BPO workers as per the recent news suggest. Trade unions in the country have also joined the race. The workers organizations and the trade unions have become the latest training partners for the business process outsourcing workers within the country.

The Federation of Free Workers (FFW) and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) are the two newly appointed training partners. The partnerships of TESDA with the Filipino BPO associations are not new now.  The business process outsourcing association is led by the Business Processing Association of Philippines (BPAP) with the aim to build the Pinoy manpower for the whole sector.

For the benefits of the BPO workers training, the TESDA have also worked closely with the MTIAPI or the Medical Transcription Industry Association of the Philippines, Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA) and the ACPI or the Animation Council of the Philippines.

This time as per the instructions of President Arroyo, an agreement has been signed between FFW and TUCP for the training of the BPO workers and the union members. The current agreement with the TUCP was defined on two grounds- one the Finishing Course for Medical Transcriptionist (FCMT) and the Finishing Course for the Call Center Agents (FCCA).

About the training program:

The training program for the business process outsourcing workers will be open for people belonging to 18 to 55 years of age. Applicants will be eligible even if they do not have college degrees. Upon the qualification, all trainees will be entitled to a P 5,000 voucher on training. This voucher will be used to enroll in the entire month long program.

Unlike the other training providers of the business process outsourcing courses, both KMPI and the TUCP Workers College had to undergo certain processes. These include program registration so as to comply with the required minimum standards for the trainers’ tools, qualification, facilities, curriculum and equipment.

The priority group:

All the displaced workers from the member labor unions based nationwide are given the priority by the TUCP in its 2 training courses for the medical transriptionists and the call center agents. As per the latest report of the training program from the 2 training partner organizations include FCMT NC II-65 graduates and FCCCA NC II-1,178.

Former TUCP Board Member and current TUCP spokesman speaks:

Alex Aguilar, the TUCP spokesman spoke few words relating to the training program. He said that the employment rate of the graduates stand at 70 percent and this excludes people those who get hired for jobs overseas.

Alex Aguilar went to say that the Filipino workers should be taking the benefit of the skills training to fit for serving the BPO companies. He said taking advantage of the training will help workers to get higher salaries than those workers working in the industrial sites and factories. Aguilar added that the workers those who get jobs in the call center companies will be earning an average of P 15,000 to P 20,000 on a monthly basis.

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