There is an abundance of qualified Filipino caregivers for domestic and foreign employment with the number now reaching a record-high of over 15,000.

As such, a moratorium is out on new caregiver schools and programs as called for by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Further still, with the “stock of caregivers” monitored, TESDA used the opportunity to conduct extensive reviews and compliance audit on existing caregiver institutions. New graduates are likewise subjected to competency assessment amidst concerns of yet more addition to those already on “standby.”

The confirmation was made by TESDA Provincial Director Lorena Yunque while renewing TESDA’s call for students and the community to stay away from unlicensed schools and centers.

“We do not want them to fall victims so we want them to make sure that programs enrolled at are TESDA-accredited. Otherwise, they won’t also be issued the prescribed Special Orders once they graduate,” Director Yunque said.

It was not immediately clear how many Ilonggos are in the “standby” workforce with the caregiver-trend highest in Iloilo City the past three to four years.

Yet it was to be the opposite for job offers that are construction-related and those in the food and beverage industry. Director Yunque disclosed of thousands of available jobs for foreign placements on skilled workers like welders, plumbers, carpenters and electricians. The same is true for the food and beverage groups that are considered “service-industry” support workers.

Meantime, TESDA’s ‘;crackdown’ on unlicensed tutorial schools primarily for Korean nationals yielded positive results.

Director Yunque said full compliance has since been made though the need for full-time trainors were evident in just about all English language tutorial centers.

“We explained the need for them to be registered with TESDA in order to establish their legal existence. We need to regulate these centers and their programs in order to eliminate fly-by-night operators. We are happy that our linkage with the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) yielded fast and efficient results,” the lady director ended.

TESDA under the administration of Secretary Augusto Boboy Syjuco, Director-General, introduced major reforms on its operations. This, alongside an extensive list of programs that brought in numerous success stories from TESDA scholars.

Latest developments had the creation of cyber centers in Iloilo particularly in the Second District where TESDA have a continuing partnership with Representative Judy Jalbuena-Syjuco, wife of Secretary Syjuco.


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