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Do you want to get ahead in life? Do you want to switch professions? Are you looking for new skills to learn for your dream job? Help is here now. TESDA is the answer to all the above queries. TESDA is offering numerous courses for development of skills for the people of Philippines.
TESDA which is Technical Education and Skills Development Authority is a government run agency responsible for upliftment of manpower skills and competency of Filipinos through training centers and courses. It works for the empowerment of unskilled workers with various skills. In accomplishing this endeavour, TESDA has formulated a manpower and other skills plan for all its courses. This is to be put into force by several training centers under the accreditation of TESDA. Few of the most popular courses on offer to Filipinos among the courses offered by TESDA are the TESDA caregiver course, TESDA housekeeping courses, TESDA healthcare services courses, TESDA food and beverage services courses and the TESDA household services courses. In order to reach its aim of uplifting the manpower skills and competency of the people of Philippines, TESDA now offers courses throughout the nation through its various training centers accredited to TESDA.
The importance of these skills is in that they can broaden any person’s opportunities market to be self employed or also to be employed by someone. The opportunities available to a person certified by the TESDA are limitless. There is a wide array of opportunities waiting to be taken both at home in Philippines and also abroad. TESDA is offering their varied courses in many regions of the country. Agencies have been identified to conduct the courses in select regions. Each agency specializes in a particular kind of course.
The kind of course you want to take up depends solely on your interests and your preferred industry. For example, if you are interested in beauty tips and cosmetics you could take up the beautician’s course offered by TESDA. Learning this skill would give you a chance to choose between self employment and also finding a job. You could upgrade this skill by perhaps taking a course that teaches you the skill of massaging in the massage therapy course.

TESDA also offers technical skills courses that will help you find industry specific employment that pays well. For instance courses in computer hardware servicing and shielded metal arc welding put you directly into a high demand market. Other than these there are courses offered in healthcare services. There are also courses that train your skills in the paramedical health services. Courses in automobile servicing are also available where they distinguish between vehicles based on size of the vehicles and types of engines. Horticulture and agriculture courses include skills training in harvesting and plantation. Other courses which help improve English speaking skills are also available.

Courses offered in bartending, commercial cooking, waiter skills etc. will help you find well paid jobs in the lucrative hotel and restaurant business across the world. Likewise, courses that focus on skills required in the construction sector provide lessons in masonry and tile laying. Construction is a high demand industry where finding a job for a skilled labour is easy as there are always buildings being built and ever more to be built.
There are many skill workshops that one can choose from the list provided by TSDA. Once you do these courses, they can open large employment opportunities for anyone. The rest depends on the ability and the hard one puts in the course to achieve the best results.
Skill workshops that you can choose from the list provided by TESDA are endless. Registering in them is the first step towards a bright future. When you complete a TESDA course, what it essentially does is that it opens up to you a humungous global job market where there is a demand for all kinds of employment. More importantly a skill will always come handy in case you want to start a business on your own so that you can be self-sufficient and self-employed.

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