TESDA CAREGIVER: Professional And Certified Caregivers

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority abbreviated as TESDA is a government initiative under the Department of Labour and Employment. This government body is responsible for supervising and looking after skills development and technical education in the Philippines.

The motive and aim of this body is to educate, encourage and enhance technical education in the country. TESDA also trains and educates people to work in the health care centre as caregivers. Caregivers play an important role in the health care sector. With changing lifestyles and developing medical technology life expectancy has increased. This means that with increased development in medical care many more medically trained caregivers and nurses are required.

TESDA trains people to become qualified caregivers. TESDA certified caregivers are equipped and skilled to handle emergencies and provide relief. These caregivers have great demand in medical setups.

TESDA had on offer a number of courses which train people and also encourage healthcare education. Education helps answer a lot of questions and such courses pave way for these health care workers and caregivers to earn money and be independent.

Manpower is most important thing for any country to progress. And for any nation to progress it’s important that it has a well trained and a well maintained manpower. This is one attempt made by the Department of Labour and Employment.

The main aim of this initiative is to reach out to the people and train them in vocational courses so that they can live independent lives. The caregivers training programmes are set up all over Philippines and one can join the course in their respective city or towns. This course train them to work in medical setups in thee cities as well as the in rural setups. These caregivers have a great demand overseas especially countries like Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The various courses offered range from vocational courses such as plumbing, electrical works, sewing and even working at call centres. The idea is to reach out to all the people educated or uneducated so that they learn to earn a living for themselves. These courses are designed with a view to cater to every class and strata of the society.


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