Are You Looking For More Details About The TESDA Scholarship?

Have you been thinking of picking up a new skill in order to change jobs? May be a skill like welding or a basic training in being paramedic or a skill in horticulture? But there has been a problem with the funding part? Looking for a scholarship? Then here is your solution to the problem. The TESDA provides scholarship to its applicants, here is more about it.

There are various scholarship programs available that a student can apply for. Most of these are specific scholarships. Well here is a list that should make things easier for you.

Private Education Students Financial Assistance Program: this program was started with the aim of extending assistance to deserving students in financing their courses in post secondary non-degree TVET. This program also aims to promote TVET among the students and people.  The program ensures that there is skilled workforce which is made. Also through the scholarship program the schools receive a constant flow of students to pursue courses.
Jobs-directed Scholarship Program: this program has been started in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the TESDA. The aim of the scholarship scheme is to be able inspire students to join courses in TVET which can help in expanding the horizons of employment and self employment. The scholarship grant is provided to deserving students who come from marginalized backgrounds. The scholarship scheme is open to all kinds of organizations like public schools, private schools, private institutes, non governmental organization which are registered with the government and also people’s organizations.
Iskolar ng Mahirap na Pamilya: this scholarship scheme provides the scholarship to one child per family. The scheme works on the basis of the certificate which had been issued in 2004 which allowed the head of the family to decide any one child who can be send for the TVET courses. The scholarship scheme is open ended meaning that there is no time limit on the usage of the certificate to obtain the financial assistance.
PGMA Training for Work Scholarship: this program was started with the aim of producing the best possible skilled workers for the industry by the Philippines government. Under this scheme the student can get part funding or complete funding for courses in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) training, medical transcription, animation etc.

There are a lot of opportunities out there so just go ahead grab it and make a successful career in the skill you like.


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Congressman Roilo Golez has a TESDA scholarship program that benefits hundreds of poor but deserving constituents who get TESDA training to develop skills to help them get life-changing jobs here and abroad, like welding, computers, animation, IT, caregiving, etc.

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