The Best Health Care Jobs of 2014 in the USA

There are more openings than applicants to fill them. Take your pick of the 38 health care jobs, and you’ll find the same story.

Registered nurses are a barn-burner profession and should result in 526,800 new positions created at a rate of 19.4 percent. This year, registered nurse takes the No. 6 slot.

The Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS) predicts this job’s growth will be spirited by health care reform, as nurse practitioners are qualified to perform physical exams and write prescriptions for the increased number of patients.

Two new nursing positions were also added: Our No. 4 job, nurse practitioner, has a median salary of $89,960 and glowing job prospects.

Our No. 38 job, licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse, should grow at a rate of 25 percent, with the most favorable prospects for those willing to work in rural areas.

“Health care is the strongest job area of the economy right now,” says John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., an outplacement consulting firm.

“It’s a consistent creator of jobs, so there’s so much demand for the services,” he says, adding that 31 million more people have access to insurance due to health care reform.