The USA Needs A Construction Manager

On January 23, 2014, in Careers, by admin

Construction Manager

Job Growth Rate from 2010 to 2020: 17%

As we pull out of the recent housing crisis, construction is picking up again.

And, as the U.S. Department of Labor notes, when building activity increases, more jobs may open up for construction managers.

If you’ve got experience in construction, consider preparing to pursue this career in as little as two years by earning an associate’s degree in construction management.

An associate’s degree can give someone who already has a good background in construction the skills they’ll need to move into a managerial position in the field.

This degree preps them for things like OSHA requirements, hiring and firing, etc. , things they wouldn’t have learned as a construction apprentice.

As a Construction Manager, you might prepare and negotiate cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables; supervise construction personnel and activities onsite; and collaborate with architects, engineers, and other construction and building specialists.

The Department agrees that employers increasingly prefer candidates with both work experience and a bachelor’s degree in construction management, construction science, engineering, or architecture.

However, an associate’s degree combined with work experience may be sufficient for some positions.

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