Manicurists and Pedicurists Are The Best Social Services Jobs of 2014 in the USA

Personal care jobs like nail technician, hairdresser (No. 65) and recreation and fitness worker (No. 70) made the rankings. People now have more discretionary income and consumer confidence has risen.

The idea that these lower-wage and seemingly less-skilled jobs aren’t good jobs is such a misconception.

Nail technician, the No. 49 job overall, places above more traditional jobs in this sector, like lawyer (No. 51), elementary school teacher (No. 64) and patrol officer (No. 69), partially because nail care is a low-cost luxury that people of many income levels can splurge on.

Though the median salary is somewhat low – only $19,220 in 2012 – many manicurists and pedicurists work part-time and have flexible schedules.

The Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS) predicts 15.6 percent employment growth for this occupation by 2022.

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