in my month and a half stay in TESDA enroLLing in cuLinary.. i never thought i wiLL somehow get attached to new set of peopLe i’ve met and became friends.. i couLd stiLL remember the day i enroLLed, it was JESITO VILLAREAL aka DERN who entertained us.. i am very much sure i wiLL miss you, guys.. the fun.. the Laughters.. EVERYTHING!!! how i wish to extend my stay in TESDA just to see them everyday.. but our time is over.. it’s time to move on.. and i’m gonna miss you!!! TO: mark.. kayeL bacaLso.. raLph.. Levy.. eugene mantaLaba.. nieL aLiganga.. ateh richeLLe bacaLLa.. angging caLimut.. janna cabaLLo.. aLexa.. AND OV COURSE jesito viLLareaL.. GODBLESS TO OUR FUTURE!!! see yah soon, guys.. LastLy, a BIG thankx to ma’am ching for imparting her knowLedge to us.. and for the patience.. “I KNOW I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN, WHETHER FAR OR SOON.. I NEED YOU TO KNOW THAT I MISS YOU AND I WILL BE..”

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