Increase Your Employment Oportunities With Your TESDA Training

Vocational training has never been so good before. TESDA, more commonly known as the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority was started in the year 1994 through Republic Act 7769. The main objective of TESDA is to promote and organize the development of industry labor, technical vocational education centers and the local government units in teaching the people of the country employable skills. This Act was signed by the then Filipino President Fidel V. Ramos. TESDA now has many training centers throughout the country and is said to be the deciding factor that sets up the skills standards and the various testing by way of their many centers.

Some of the main responsibilities vested on TESDA by the government are:-

To amalgamate, organize and scrutinize the various programs related to skills development;
To streamline the chances of encouraging and expanding man power in the middle-level;

To endorse the standards that have been set up for skills development and testing,
Sponsor and finance different schemes and plans for both technical instruction and growth of skills and help out with various training programs that are introduced by the educational institutions.

Typically occupational or vocational instruction is what gets you ready for specific skilled professions based on your theoretical and practical experiences. In such training you learn to involve yourself directly into situations that give you the experience in a certain technical area.  In the Philippines this sort of technical education and its accreditation is carried out through TESDA. There are many institutions that are affiliated to TESDA and they offer different courses ranging from three months to two years. Once you complete one such course, you are expected to take the licensing examination to obtain your certification. TESDA’s main aim is to train undergraduates and students who have dropped out of school especially those who do not have the privilege to pursue higher studies for jobs opportunities across the world. Their scholarship schemes are totally free of cost.

Some of the courses offered are in areas of Automotive Technology, Electronics, Nursing, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Computers. The short term courses that you could take up are welding, culinary skills, housekeeping food and beverages, call center training, sewing, baking, etc.

. TESDA’s fame has spread like wild fire across the globe, that anyone who has a TESDA certification is sure to get employment not just in the country but anywhere across the world as those are the sorts of clients that the organization has and they believe that a person with TESDA certification is well worth employing.

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