Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Managers write press releases and other material for the media, plan and direct public relations programs, as well as raise funds for their organizations.

New technology is changing the face of this industry as well as how public relations managers carry out their responsibilities taking them into the online space, even further away from the spotlight.

For example, managers who can build market share and community with online tools are rewarded with good salaries.

A career as a Public Relations Manager may sound high-profile, but people in this position stay relatively out of the spotlight.

They might draft speeches delivered by top executives or arrange interviews for company representatives with the media – all while maintaining a low-profile.

A Bachelor’s Degree in communications, public relations, or journalism is typically needed for public relations management positions. Beyond that, public relations managers may also need related work experience.

Companies are competing and there is demand for people to create a competitive advantage for your brand.

BOTTOM 10 PERCENT: $51,630
TOP 10 PERCENT: $180,480

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