Computer Programmer

Do you have a computing mindset and like to collaborate with others but don’t enjoy being in the spotlight? Then computer programming is a career to check out.

Why is it High-Pay and Low-Profile?

There is a shortage of people with this background, according to most of the companies. The competition between companies for qualified programmers is “fierce.”

Computer programmers with specialized knowledge of certain operating systems are able to move into management positions.

These professionals write code to create software programs. Working with internal personnel like software developers and engineers, computer programmers take program designs and turn them into instructions that a computer can follow.

Businesses need computer programmers to create software in several different computer languages, and with qualified candidates in short supply, this career can command a high salary.

Most computer programmers have a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or a related subject but some employers hire workers with an associate’s degree.

Annual Salary In the USA:

BOTTOM 10 PERCENT: $42,850


TOP 10 PERCENT: $117,890

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