I recently read that 80% of teachers failed their English proficiency exam and that some Call Centers are closing because of a lack of applicants who have a level of English fluency demanded by the industry.

I am a Native Speaker (Canadian / UK) with over 20 years experince presenting English language programs for the Canadian federal and provincial governments, several colleges and a university. After moving to the Philippines I continued my presentions and teaching to foreigners in ESL schools.

Recently I decided to change my ESL students. Why should I be teaching foreiners English when what I should be doing is giving the Filipno a chance to improve their chances of having a challenging and rewarding career?.  It makes more sense to me, to help them to improve their English to a level of fluency that most companies both here in the Philippines and abroad demand………….Lets give the Filipino a chance to improve their position in life

My first opportunity was to present my English fluency program to English teachers in the private school sector. 80% failed the initial testing, However, later 80% achieved a much higher level of fluency after completing the program

After first obtaining TESDA certification in Call Center training and  assessment, (brobably the first Native speaker in the Philippines) I contacted several Call Centers both in Cebu and recently in Iloilo City to offer my services. However. It appears that they would rather have a Filipino presenting their English language proficency programs.

My questions are:

Is it because of Filipino pride… they don’t think they need to improve their level of fluency.? Is it because they don’t want to pay me the same as I received teaching Koreans, Japanese or Chinese?                                                                                                                              Do some Call Centers accept lazy English and a lack of goog grammer as being OK?

Well I do intend to improve the English proficiency of the average Filipino who want’s to have a good career here in the Philippines or in Canada, USA, UK, Austraila. New Zealand etc.   And, I will be doing this in the coming months in Iloilo City

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